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Burning Money is Financial Crime and Waste in China

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  1. Burning Money is Financial Crime and Waste in China
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    Free picture of the burning money that is red and burned. This financial photo was created for you by the best monetary friend and it can be used for free, if you link as the original author of the image.

    In the Chinese culture , burning money is considered a crime and waste as long as it is not a sacrifice.

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    The rich Asian people who waste money in China are considered to be making a crime against the society . This burned paper bill is a very common site in Asia, because there is a religion that considers that fire and the smoke from the burned bills can be a good sacrifice to the gods of prosperity. Many religious and superficial people burn those paper bills in the little corners that are decorated with statues of their gods.

    The main topic of this picture is the business of finance and insurance, but you can also use it for all topics that are related to financial and criminal activities like corruption and waste of money. All of the dirty and illegal activities that are being committed in politics, or organised mafia.

    The damage to this paper bill is not an accident. It was burned on purpose of the creative art in the financial market of failed investments where cash and currency is burned during the daily business of wasting investments and income savings of the people who bought loans for earning more money with foreign investments. The gradual loss of money is incorporated into the financial scam plans of shady finances with those red bills that are often used to sell beautiful dreams to old people who never learn from history.

    Wasting money and life from insecure people is not nice. The lost savings are often a wrong bet for the people who make investments like gambling on dark insurances or bank businesses that they never can understand. The loss of money is often a personal crisis above the economic crisis that is wasting capital Across Asia. Mafia that is trying to make money fast by laundering bribes from the government or shady commercial activities is creating a debt in the pockets of the merchants who trade with real quality products that are loosing value due to inflation and unregulated capitalism of greed.

    Money is a study property of the economic sciences. Money can exist in material or immaterial form. This form of the money was earlier widespread and to find in all cultures and epochs.

    The bad money edges out the good one. Under free competition, however, "good money can put through angesich towards to bad money.

    Paper money originated in the 11th century in China as a deputy for coin money. In Europe paper money was introduced only much later; thus the first expenditure of paper money took place in 1483 in Spain. The trust in paper money was based originally on the fact that it could be exchanged by each any time in Kurantmnzen. The expenditure of the todays eurosystem is bound by contrast to no cover regulations.

    Electronic money is a relatively new manifestation of the book money. The expenditure of money to the population of a currency space is called monetary creation. The once deposited cash is never again pulled back by the bank customers practically to the full extent because cashless figures are more advantageous.

    Because the recreated money can serve the credit institutes again as a basis for other monetary creation, there is theoretically no upper border for the amount of the money created by the credit institutes.

    The central bank has influence on the money market, while it either influences actively the monetary offer within the scope of a so-called open market politics or has an effect about the interest rate for central bank money indirectly on offer and demand.

    Central banks pursue generally a concrete and firm aim with the money supply price increase. This aim is often the price stability. If the money supply grows excessively or increases with steady money supply the orbiting speed of the money, it comes to an imbalance between the available money and the goods which could be paid with the money.

    In myths and fairy tales the money also plays a role. The antique legend that the Small-Asian king Midas has wished from the gods, everything what he touches should become gold, and, therefore, he threatened to starve and to died of thirst, is probably an echo of the fact that coin money has been stamped historically first in Lyda.

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