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Walkera 180Z

Flying a Walkera 180Z helicopter is as fun as it can get. This RC (remote control) helicopter is probably one of the most fun out of all the shaft-driven series that Walkera offers. Of course, all of the RC helicopters available to fly.

Walkera has been offering fun to adults and children alike for a number of years now. Sure they offer airplanes and gliders too but you cant do the really cool aero tricks with them that you can with a helicopter. You will find 8 different series available and each line-up has a number of really cool helicopters to choose from.

The Walkera 180Z is part of the shaft-driven series and there are a number of features that make this RC helicopter a must have. Several of the features that make this heli stand out are:

Bell Rotor Head System

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45 Degree Flybar
3800kv Brushless Motor
3-Axis Gyro
2.4G Radio System

The features that the 180Z offers make it a perfect selection for beginners to the advanced flyers. The unique flybar allows the heli to fly similar to that of a co-axial which is beneficial when learning to pilot the RC. The 3-Axis Gyro system is awesome as it will automatically stabilize the heli when necessary. This is helpful to you can stay focused on piloting instead of trying to stop the wobbling from occurring.

Now that we have discussed some of the features, lets review some of the more specifics about the Walkera 180Z helicopter.

The paint design is a checkered black and white on a diagonal with some bright orange and red near the bottom of the canopy. The tail is black; the blade is black and white while the landing skids are silver. Some more specifics are:
Brushless Motor is a WK-WST-21-003
Brushless Speed Controller is a WK-WST-20A-1
Battery is a 7.4V (1000mAh Li-Po)
Receiver is a RX-2437S
Transmitter is a WK-2402
Main Rotor length is 440mm
Tail Rotor length is 121mm
Total Length is 432mm

The rotor head is CNC machined so your piloting is automatically improved. The swashplate is compact to give the heli a lighter fuselage. The brushless motor offer the latest in technology and you can up to 12 minutes of flying time depending upon your piloting mode.

The Walkera 180Z has a cool looking 4-channel transmitter which of course has the necessary rudder, aileron, throttle and elevator. It has an LCD display that instantly shows your current elevations, aileron, your battery life and which mode you are currently in. You just need 8 AA batteries to get started. I recommend getting16 rechargeable ones so you can keep flying without any interruptions.

The entire package comes 100% pre-assembled right out of the box. You even get a Battery Balance Charger for the Li-Po rechargeable battery. A nice extra is an extra set of the main blades. When you pick up your new heli, you may want to pick up an extra tail, just in case.

Suited for outside flying only, this snazzy designed helicopter will provide a ton of fun. Keep safety in mind, while flying at all times. With zero to minimal winds, your Walkera 180Z will fly, turn and do some awesome stunts that will amaze your friends.

For the Ultimate in RC helicopter flying, you just cant beat Walkera. For more great information on Walkera Helicopters, and other great products visit: