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WEBSITE TRAFFIC to my website?

  1. How exactly do I get a lot of website traffic to my website?
    Since there are many people surf on line every single day, can anybody tell me how exactly do I get a lot of website traffic to my website for free?

    Many Thanks.


    Answer by ivan
    Free internet traffic is hard to get since its free, however, its not impossible. My space, face book, twitter, and tagged are all networking sites you can use for free to market your product and your website. You will need an account to advertise on your profile. Article submission also works great. Whatever you do, please do not buy from companies offering a 10000 hits. You will waist your time and money. For cheap advertising cost, cell phone advertising is the best because its not as popular. You will pay a small fee but its worth it.

  2. What happen to the 21st century psychic website?

    Random Contribution involving webSITE –

    Answer by Laeeq
    Websites expire. Probably the owner of that site did not renew the domain/website. Hence, it might have been discontinued.

    * There might be other possibilities in least cases –

    – The Servers of the Website host might be down.
    – The old/new owner of the website renamed the site.

  3. anyone know automatic voting software website?automatic voting software website

    Answer by Dr. HOUSE
    Listen Rube! You posted this stupid question 3 times in 5 minutes! You have provided NO details as to what you are talkin about, voting for what?

  4. Are there any websites like where I can build websites. I would prefer free websites thanks!

    Answer by Gohan

  5. how do websites use cookies? can i get a website please?

    Answer by LiLrIcHi3
    cookies r little infomation that r saved frm the website. dey can b helpful , but you should delete your cookies . they slow down the interent

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